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The O. Henry Project: The Update

We have now had three meetings for The O. Henry Project.

Meeting #1: The Introduction of The Project  (Breanne’s minutes are much more entertaining than my summaries, I am sure, but I will try to include the good parts.)

At our first meeting, those present pledged to write with me this year, writing one short-story a week for an entire calendar year.  As a tribute to the man who inspired the ridiculousness, we spent time learning an abbreviated, and most likely butchered, history of William Sydney Porter.  We also read “The Gift of the Magi,” which I was shocked to discover no one had heard previously.  (How do you manage to make it through high school without it?)

I promised to make a Star Chart to track our progress, which I still have not done, and we planned O. Henry’s 149th birthday party for Week #2.  We made up a really fun game where we use titles (made from quotes from the evening) and all write synopses for the story that we would write by that title.

Meeting #2: Call in the Fire Department!

I said the first week that if someone were to bring 149 candles for O. Henry’s birthday, we would light them.  As it so happens, someone did bring 149 candles and a cake that was approximately 10 inches across that read “Nobody died!  Jeff & Judy.”  Then this happened:

Meeting #3: A New Author

Now that we’re falling into the groove of writing every week, we are beginning to explore new authors.  Breanne read a few stories by Barry Yourgrau.  We are all planning to contribute something to the Esquire Short Short Fiction Contest.  But we will discuss that at a later meeting.

I have not yet finished a story yet, but I have started four, and I hope to finish at least two of them today.  Sarah has written two, Breanne has written one, and then rest of us have at least written every week.

More to come.  Happy writing!

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The O. Henry Project

William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry, is one of my father’s favorite short story authors.  For about two years of his life, O. Henry wrote one short story a week.  I could do that.  I highly doubt that my stories will be as good, especially in these first attempts, but my philosophy is that there is no better way to become a writer that to write.

Here’s the plan:  Starting today, September 1, 2011, I will be writing one short story a week for an entire year, ending September 1, 2012.  I am calling this The O. Henry Project.  (As it turns out, O. Henry’s birthday is on September 11, so this is a very appropriate time to begin.)  Once a week we will have a dinner/meeting for all my cohorts who will join me in the madness.  We will read short stories, discuss our own projects, and maybe even come up with some crazy challenges.

Every Friday (or possibly Saturday) I will be posting updates for The Project.


In other news, a friend of mine, Lev AC Rosen, is soon to be a published novelist!  His new book, All Men of Genius, made the Best Books of the Month list for  Congrats, Lev!  I’m looking forward to reading your book!


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