The Write Owl

When I was in the fifth grade, I dressed as a writer for career day.  I wore a sweater vest, tucked a pen behind my ear, and carried a notebook.  Needless to say, nobody “got” it.  To convince my classmates that I was serious, I founded the Tullahoma Young Writer’s Club, a weekly writing critique group for elementary and middle schoolers.  We had six members in our prime, but I was annoyed by the group’s overall lack of focus; most meetings consisted of a short block of time when I forced everyone to contribute a page or two to the zine, followed by a few hours of recreation time in the backyard.  There were probably cookies.

Many years later I have given up on the sweater vest and moved to the west coast, but I still dream of writing for a living.  I make things for other people who read and people who write: journals, coffee mugs, desk supplies, and other items to spruce up the workspace or help keep a deadline.  My work is often inspired by words and literature.  I love tactile art and functional art, and I hope that everything I make is used and loved.

I enjoy singing, learning, and smiling.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


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