A Change In Plans, or A Moving Update

15 Aug

I expected this morning to be heading northward for the first session of my tax prep class. Just as I was grabbing a power bar and cramming my feet into my shoes to run out the door, the teacher called to say the session had been cancelled. Fortunately, I was able to reschedule, but now my class will be a longer commute and afternoons rather than mornings. As pleased as I am to have the extra time this morning, readjusting my schedule for the next several weeks may prove to be challenging. Such is life.

The move went well last weekend, despite the lack of time to settle in. I still have several boxes in the basement, and I still don’t know where most of my essentials exist. I wore stage makeup for a gig this past weekend, and after failing to find my makeup remover after an extensive search after the show, I gave up and fell asleep in the mascara. I’m sure everything will resurface in due time. I had forgotten just how hectic a move can be, especially with the added element of trying to keep a business afloat whilst relocating.

Last week was full of insanity and commuting all over town for various painting and construction projects, and I’m hoping to take care of some of the technicals (like switching the utilities) today. This week I’ll be preparing for Mixer Match, a speed networking event sponsored by I Heart Art: Portland.

More as the week progresses! Happy Monday!

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Posted by on August 15, 2011 in Events, On the Side


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