A Planner! A Planner! My Kingdom for a Planner!

28 Jul

Finding the right planner is always a challenge. I prefer the school-year planners that begin mid-summer and go through the next year. 18 month are perfect. But I would rather have a notebook-sized planner over a 5×7, and my favorite layout only comes in a very juvenile style or is not in stock. Each year, I roam from store to store, in an attempt to find the perfect planner. I would make one myself, except that I would rather have a spiral bound over another binding.

What is necessary in a good organizer? Personally, I want a calendar at the beginning of each month, and a two-page spread week breakdown just behind that. What I really need, then, is an hourly breakdown day by day, just behind that. That way I can see how things measure up in the month, I have a spread to see what needs to be done during the week, and I have my hourly schedule accessible at all times.

I have yet to find a planner that includes both a weekly breakdown and also a day-by-day breakdown. Ah, well. I’ll have to start designing my 2013 organizer now.

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Posted by on July 28, 2011 in The Month Ahead


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