Happy Birthday, Write Owl Designs!

01 Jun

One year ago I listed my first item in the shop, a postbound notebook.  This year I have sold 19 items through etsy, and 3 items not through etsy, and while that may not seem like much, I have learned lots about owning a business.

I generally consider myself a reasonably organized person in my work life, and an organized mess in my home life.  This year my work life has taken over my home, and the organizational skills have been lacking.  I now recognize the importance of separating my living and working space, which can be a challenge in a small apartment.  Something as simple as painting in the living room instead of my bedroom keeps me from spending the day cruising facebook, rather than working on developing my spring designs.  Sometimes just throwing a blanket over my laundry helps me focus on the work tasks rather than the domestic tasks.

I am notoriously bad at making bigger plans than I have time for.  Now that I’m unemployed, however, the shop gives me something to focus my time and energy on, challenging my organizational, creative, and budgeting skills.  It is a chance to prove to myself that if I can’t find a job, I can make one.

I prefer this blog setup over my old blog, and I hope that by changing to a format that I am more comfortable working with, I will be more motivated to post here.  Please keep my accountable!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this past year!  As a thank you, you can have 10% off anything in my shop now through Saturday, June 4!  Just type 1YROWL into the coupon code at checkout.

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Posted by on June 1, 2011 in Anniversaries


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